Diverse Reads

Hello, everyone! The world is amazingly, beautifully diverse. As a writer who is in awe of this rainbow of human experience, I often find myself writing from perspectives/identities I don’t share. Of course, I could never capture the experience as fully as someone who does share those identities, and so I invite you to check out the following books! As this list is constantly growing, I can’t say I’ve read all of the books on here, but they’re all on my to-read list!

Books by Autistic Authors/Authors with Autism*

YA: Queens of Geek – Jen Wilde

MG: Rogue – Lyn Miller-Lachmann

Bengali/Bangladeshi Books**

MG: The Gauntlet – Karuna Riazi
YA: The Henna Wars – Adiba Jaigirdar
MG: The Serpent’s Secret – Sayantani Dasgupta
YA: All the Things We Never Said – Yasmin Rahman

*For a discussion on person-first or identity-first language in disability discussions, see this article by Rachel Klentz

**For a wider list, as well as a discussion on the difference between Bengali and Bangladeshi, visit Adiba Jaigirdar’s website