An Insignificant Drop of Ink

“Let’s get these pages turning again…”

Would you continue living if you knew that all that awaited was tragedy? Stories are wrapped within stories in this spell-binding YA fantasy that explores questions of life, happiness, and sacrifice.

Twig is merely a minor character when the author approaches her with a request: Return the pieces of the prince’s shattered heart. Having always admired the prince from afar, she is more than happy to take on her quest, even if she never gets recognized for it.

But she doesn’t stay unnoticed for long. The main characters have realized that the story has begun moving again – and they’re not happy about it. As Twig continues to try restoring the prince’s shattered heart, she comes face-to-face with these characters… and learns that her story is not the fairytale she assumed it to be.

  • Standalone
  • 2nd draft 130k words