May Grainger

Hey everyone! I’m May Grainger, writer, adventurer, and lifelong learner. As of four days ago, I officially completed one adventure—college!—and have decided to embark on another: Becoming a full-time author. I finished my first book, written for my younger siblings, when I was fourteen. Today, I still write for the middle grade/young adult age range, primarily sci-fi and fantasy. One day, I hope to write books that people across the globe will read.

My goal for writing is to bring joy to others. Life hurts. The world is broken, crazy, dying—but it’s also beautiful. Reading has brought joy to my life in dark times, and I want to share that joy through the words I write. If I can make just one person smile or laugh while reading my stories, then my career as a writer has been a success.

One of the reasons I love both reading and writing is how much I learn while doing it. No one can ever know everything about, well, anything. There is always more to learn. One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is so I can share the hard-won lessons I’ve learned. Since I’ve been a writer for nine years, most of what will be on here will pertain to writing. But the world is too vast and my curiosity too insatiable to talk about only a single subject, so there will be some surprises now and then!

~ May 12, 2022