New Project: The Towers at Time’s End

Hello, lovely readers! Where have I been the past two months, you may ask? The answer: Writing a book! I am excited to announce the completion of the first draft of a new project, an adult high fantasy by the name of The Towers at Time’s End.

There are several reasons why I’m particularly excited about this project. One, I have a coauthor – they tell the story, and I write it. This allowed me to get a whopping 96,000 word manuscript completed in 2 months. That’s fast, even for me. Two, adult high fantasy is not one of my normal genres, and it’s fun to branch out. Three, this story was originally a Numenera (like Dungeons and Dragons) campaign, and in translating it into book format, I have learned a lot about how the medium of expression influences the types of stories one can tell.

Keep reading below for a hint on what the book is about!

When Bree, Khazel, and Avynn awaken within summoning circles, surrounded by a cult, they are given no time to orient themselves before the King’s guard breaks in and arrests them. The charge, proclaimed derisively before an amphitheater of thousands: Heroes.

As the fourth summoned Hero Group this cycle, Bree, Khazel, and Avynn shouldn’t exist. But after proving themselves in battle, they earn the chance to join the other three Hero Groups in passing the Three Towers of the town. If they live, they’ll be let into the Fourth Tower, where an unnamed entity dwells at the top, poised to release disaster upon the city in less than a year’s time. They agree, each for their separate reasons.

Bree’s insatiable desire for knowledge leads her to pursue the Hero’s Path in order to prove to the town’s occupants that their religion is false.

Khazel’s irresistible urge to fulfill her duty prompts her to take on the Hero’s mantle despite having no memories of her previous life.

And Avynn’s undauntable pride convinces him he can defeat the towers when all the heroes before him have failed.

But as their memories begin to return, they realize they’re not the heroes everyone claims them to be.

Because here at Time’s End, the infinite time loop has cycled through all the heroes in the universe, and all that remains are the cowards, failures, and rejects of the society.

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